Benefits of a Removable Handle

At worksites, you want equipment on which you can rely. That means tools that are sturdy, light, and won’t get in the way. Choosing a Lug-All Come Along Ratchet Winch Hoist, whether it’s a web strap or cable, will provide you with the quality necessary for any industry. The replaceable components on these hoists permit for optimal usage and puts Lug-All above its competitors in structure, versatility, and reliability.

Replace the Handle, Not the Hoist

Removable handles are beneficial when it comes to repairs because our hoists are designed with overload protection, meaning Lug-All handles are crafted to bend 125%-150% of the rated capacity. No longer do you need to worry about the adverse effects overloading will have on your tools. Additionally, the handles are reversible, which enables the user to rig the hoist so they can still use the hoist when a traditional downward pull isn’t an option.

The beauty of a removable handle is that it’s easily replaceable, simply unscrew the wing nut from the handle bolt on the U-frame. This feature means that you can avoid having to purchase a new hoist, in the event that your handle was to break. Lug-All offers replacements parts for any component on your manual hoist. Customers are able to replace the damaged part instead of buying an entirely new hoist. Replaceable parts cut down on unnecessary purchases, which keeps your money in your pocket.

Convenience and Security

While the handle on manual hoists is beneficial for lifting and lowering loads, it can become a nuisance when working around the hoist. An extended handle can become an obstruction to work and can add weight. The option for the removal of this feature will free up space for linemen and allow for a broader range of motion when working on electrical lines. Furthermore, the possibility to disconnect the handle enables more compact storage for when the job is done. Say goodbye to unwanted bulk.

Over the years, Lug-All has received feedback from our end users regarding our unique detachable handle. A common praise is the security that removing the handle permits while on break at worksites. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), an estimation of cost for equipment theft in the construction industry is anywhere between $300 million to $1 billion a year. Removing the handle ensures that unwanted borrowing or theft won’t take place when away from the hoist.

Adaptability is important when utilizing tools, which is why a Lug-All Manual Hoist is the best option. Our removable handles provide you with more options when trying to get the job done. Visit our online store to check out the variety of hoists available for purchase.