Can I purchase a cable assembly replacement with the end hook already attached?

No. LUG-ALL hoists have an exclusive, swaged ball shank terminal (e.g., anchor) to attach the cable to its drum. This anchor design gives the cable terminal superior strength, and it lets you use the full length of the cable.

Can I purchase a Lug-All hoist with longer cable/web strap than the standard length?

No. The entire cable and web strap is stored on the drum. We have installed the maximum amount of cable/web strap on the models while keeping the hoists lightweight and portable.

Can I purchase parts for my Lug-All hoist?

All the parts for every LUG-ALL model are available for purchase. (Except the 450-R: this model was discontinued in 1988. Please contact customer service for parts availability.)

Does Lug-All corp. manufacture chain hoists?

No. Since 1949, we have focused solely on cable ratchet winch hoists and, in the 1960s, lineman’s web strap hoists. Our laser-like focus makes LUG-ALL hoists unmatched in quality and performance.

What does “SH” mean?

The “SH” was a suffix used to identify the safety latches on the hooks. A few years back they were an option. Safety latches are now standard on all LUG-ALL hoists.

Are the handles interchangeable on Lug-All cable hoists?

No. The handles are designed to bend on overload. Each handle is, therefore, specifically designed for each model’s rated capacity.

Can I have my Lug-All repaired?

Yes. The LUG-ALL Corporation has a repair department. Also, many of our distributors repair LUG-ALL hoists. Just contact LUG-ALL customer service at (toll-free) 877-658-4255 or sales@lug-all.com

What payment methods do you accept? 

We accept the following payment methods: Visa, American Express, Master Card, and Discover cards.

The moment you contact us, one of our experienced customer service representatives will begin by listening to your needs so we can provide you with the right products, options, and services.

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