Lug-All Model 4000-40

The Lug-All model 4000-40 uses our large frame design to improve the functionality of our model 4000-20. The large frame allows the 4000-40 to keep the same 4,000 pound maximum capacity as the 4000-20, while also allowing it to use a longer cable to achieve a greater maximum pulling or lifting distance at 40 feet compared to 20 feet with the 4000-20. Read More

Lug-All Repair Services

If you are familiar with Lug-All Come Along Ratchet Winch Hoists, you may know that many of the parts are replaceable. Replaceable parts include overload protection systems, such as the stress links on our web strap hoists and the handles on our cable hoists. Other replaceable parts include components that...

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Lineman Hurricane Stories: Hurricane Irma

Mike and the other linemen from National Grid in New York spent four weeks in Florida to aid in the recovery effort after Hurricane Irma. Irma demonstrated just how devastating hurricanes can be to utilities, and how crucial linemen are to restoring them. Read Mike's story in Part Four of our Linemen Disaster Recovery Series. Read More

Lineman Disaster Recovery Stories: Microburst

Max from the Salt River Project in Phoenix, Arizona, explained that hurricanes aren't the only storms linemen clean up after. Read his story in Part 3 of our Linemen Disaster Recovery Series. Read More

Lineman Disaster Recovery Stories: Hurricane Sandy

Matt from Xcel Energy in Boulder, Colorado went all the way to New Jersey to aid local utilities in their recovery operations after Hurricane Sandy. Hear his story in Part Two of our Lineman Disaster Recovery Series. Read More

Lineman Disaster Recovery Stories: Hurricane Isaac

When hurricane season hits in the US, it’s almost guaranteed that some part of the country will face widespread loss of electricity. Hurricanes bring heavy sustained winds from 74 mph to over 150 mph as well as heavy rains and extensive flooding that can damage power grids and cut off...

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Understanding Lug-All Winch-Hoist Capacity

One of the unique features of Lug-All Come Along Ratchet Winch Hoists is right there in the name; it is both a winch and a hoist in one tool. The difference between winching and hoisting is simply the direction the tool is pulling a load. If it is lifting vertically,...

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Lug-All Web Strap Replacement

Many electrical linemen rely on Lug-All web strap come along ratchet winch hoists when working on power lines. The straps on Lug-All web strap hoists are made of woven polyester, which has dielectric properties that make them extremely poor conductors. While these straps are not true insulators, they can be...

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Lug-All 70th Anniversary

Our number one priority is to provide superior and reliable come along ratchet winch hoists, with quality services that our customers can depend on. Our careful construction produces durable hoists that last for decades. This dedication to quality has been our legacy since our beginning 70 years ago. History In...

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The Lug-All Lightweight Hoists

We like to say that Lug-All Come Along Ratchet Winch Hoists have 1001 uses. Often, Lug-All users will find creative ways to use their hoists that we might not have thought of. We are always excited to learn of different ways our hoists are being used, and sometimes those uses...

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Main Frame Pawl and Spring Replacement

The basic design of our Lug-All Come Along Ratchet Winch Hoist hasn’t changed much since its creation in 1949. This design includes the main frame pawl spring. But, as in most cases, there is often room to improve. When Lug-All engineers took a close look at the design of the...

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Wire Rope Replacement

Lug-All come along ratchet winch hoists are built to last for many years, which means some parts may have to be replaced over time. Virtually every part of a Lug-All hoist can be replaced, including the wire rope assembly. A worn, frayed, or damaged wire rope can be a serious...

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