Customizable Features on Lug-All Hoists

We often say there are 1,001 uses for a Lug-All. We’ve met and talked to people who use Lug-All come along ratchet winch hoists in the fire protection industry, construction, lawncare and landscaping, home applications, and more. But what is it about Lug-All hoists that make them ideal for so many different industries?

One reason Lug-All hoists are so versatile is their ability to be used as both a winch and a hoist, so they can safely lift vertically and pull horizontally. But the feature that really makes them perfect for so many different applications is that they are easily customizable. Users can choose specific design options depending on their needs, rather than using a standard, one-size-fits-all product.

Web Strap Options

One of the first options is to choose either a web strap winch hoist or a wire rope winch hoist. Web strap hoists are especially well-suited for use in electrical utility work. The polyester web strap is not insulating, but the dielectric properties of the strap can help protect workers from electrical danger. These web straps are much less conductive than wire rope, which can make them safer to use around electricity.

Web strap hoists are also the preferred type of many tree service and landscaping professionals. The wide strap can be wrapped around a tree trunk safely without causing damage by cutting into the bark the way a steel cable would.

Web strap winch hoists also have additional options to customize them for any specific need. Standard Lug-All hoists come equipped with both a web-end assembly and a pully block. For permanent single-line use, hoists can be ordered without the pulley block. Hoists can also be ordered with a convertible kit, which can be used to change the hoist to permanent double-line use. These options can help tailor each hoist to every user’s specific needs.

Web strap hoists also come with several hook options. They can be equipped with standard latch hooks, self-locking latches, or swivel gate hooks, which are also available with hot stick rings. An additional hook style has hot stick rings on both the hook and the latch, so it can be fully operated using approved hot stick tools.

The wind-up wheel also has several options, including oversize wheels and hot stick levers. Additional options include shorter or longer handles, optional levers on all pawl and other shafts with hot stick rings available, and eye bolts for small model main frames.

Wire Rope Options

For applications that don’t require a web strap hoist, wire rope hoists can be a more economical option. There are also several weight capacity options available in wire rope hoists that are not available as web strap hoists, including 1/2-ton, 3/4-ton, and 1–1/8-ton options. These options allow you to pick the best capacity for your specific needs.

Wire rope hoists also have similar options to those available for web strap models. Wire rope models have standard pulley blocks, and hoists can be ordered with removable pulley blocks for frequent single-line usage. Additional options for wire rope hoists include shorter handle lengths, shorter lengths of wire rope, and main frame eye bolts for small frame models.

Hook options for wire rope models include standard safety latch hooks, self-locking latches, swivel gate latches, eye bolts, and removable clevis hooks. Like web strap hoists, wire rope hoists can be equipped with optional levers on the U-frame and main frame pawl shafts for faster operation.

One additional advantage of wire rope hoists is the option to use marine grade components. For any application that is located near a body of saltwater, marine grade components offer the best way to keep your equipment in good condition for a long time. This option for Lug-All hoists can also be limited to specific parts, such as the cable or the main frame only.

Customize for Your Needs

There is a Lug-All hoist for almost every application. With a wide range of custom options for every hoist, Lug-All can help you find the exact hoist configuration to best fit your needs. Using a Lug-All hoist with all of the custom options you need can help ensure that you have exactly what you need to get the job done right.