Lug-All 70th Anniversary

Our number one priority is to provide superior and reliable come along ratchet winch hoists, with quality services that our customers can depend on. Our careful construction produces durable hoists that last for decades. This dedication to quality has been our legacy since our beginning 70 years ago.


In 1949, George Uhlig had an idea to create a single tool that could function both as a winch and a hoist. George consulted his best friend and mechanical engineer, Bernard Wallace, and together they designed an interlocking double-pawl mechanism for this winch hoist. The double-pawl mechanism allowed the new winch-hoist design to hold a load safely by addressing the problem of slippage that could arise from friction brake hoist designs.

With this double-pawl mechanism, George and Bernard created a winch-hoist with high-strength aluminum alloy parts. The winch-hoist was designed to be reliable, durable, safe, and easy to use. Lug-All Corporation was founded, and this new winch-hoist was made available to the public.

Present Day

Fast-forward 70 years, and Lug-All is committed more than ever to our founding principles. Our focus remains on producing durable, long-lasting hoists and innovating new improvements to make our products even better. This focus is the reason our hoists remain functional for decades—in fact, many Lug-All hoists made since the company began are still on the job today.

Lug-All hoists are not only durable; they are rugged, compact tools that are suited for more applications than any other design on the market. We say that there are 1001 uses for a Lug-All because our customers constantly find new applications for our hoists. Lug-All hoists are used in electrical utility, landscaping, fire and rescue, and many other industries.

Our dedication to our customers is what drives our desire to produce the best hoists we can. Instead of making disposable hoists that can break easily and be replaced quickly, we strive to make hoists that will last a lifetime. We want our customers to use our products as long as possible, which is why we also provide parts and repair services for any component that becomes worn out from use.

When our customers contact us, they speak with our experienced customer service representatives who help them find the right products, options, and services for their individual needs. Our attention to customer satisfaction has made Lug-All a trusted name among workers for the past 70 years, and we will continue that tradition for many more years to come.