Wire Rope Replacement: Crimping Equipment

Lug-All Come Along Ratchet Winch Hoists are designed to last a lifetime. When a part or component wears out, you can replace the part to fix your Lug-All instead of replacing the winch hoist completely. One component that you might have to replace over the life of you Lug-All is the wire rope. In our Wire Rope Replacement video from our series of How-To videos, we’ve demonstrated how you can remove a damaged wire rope assembly and replace it with a new one.

Every wire rope winch hoist that comes from the Lug-All facility has the hook attached to the wire rope assembly with a crimped copper sleeve. When you replace the wire rope on your Lug-All, you have the option to attach the hook with the same copper sleeve, which is available for purchase from Lug-All.

When you attach the wire rope assembly with the copper sleeve, it is crucial to use the proper crimping equipment to create a secure and safe connection. To guarantee that your crimping equipment meets Lug-All’s standards, we offer two ways to certify your equipment.

First, you can send your equipment to Lug-All’s headquarters. We can test the crimping equipment and determine if it is the correct equipment for the specific Lug-All model and diameter wire rope, and if it can provide the necessary strength for the connection.

The second option is to send us a sample of wire rope that has been crimped with your equipment. We can pull test the crimp sample to ensure it meets our strength and safety requirements. After we test and certify your crimping equipment, we can guarantee that your Lug-All cable ratchet winch hoist will be safe to operate.

If your cable crimping equipment has not be certified by Lug-All, it may not provide sufficient crimp strength. A weak crimp will lead to dangerous operating conditions, so any uncertified crimping tool should not be used. If your equipment is not sufficient, you can replace a damaged wire rope assembly using the set of fist grip clamps that are also available for purchase from Lug-All in place of the copper sleeve.