Lug-All Come Along Ratchet Winch Hoists Improve Operations for Fire Protection Installation and Maintenance Company


Fire Defense Systems, LLC is a fire protection contracting company based in Cape May Court House, New Jersey. Fire Defense Systems installs new fire suppression systems and services existing systems in residential and commercial applications. Their services include installation of water pressure sprinkler systems, water pumps, and piping, as well as maintenance for fire suppression systems. To install and maintain these systems, technicians from Fire Defense Systems handle a lot of heavy components and equipment. Workers lift large water pumps, pipes, and control valves to move them into place, and they often have to raise or lower heavy concrete slabs and steel I-beams.

When servicing and installing systems, workers used to use chain-pull hoists to move the heaviest parts. However, the chain pulls weren’t always the best tool for the job. They were heavy and bulky, and they could only be used when suspended overhead, so they could only lift straight up and down. Workers could also use hydraulic jacks, but those were also bulky and difficult to maneuver in smaller spaces, which limited their effectiveness.

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Equipment Installation and Service

Workers replaced their chain pulls with Lug-All winch hoists to lift and lower heavy pumps, motors, and pipes, but they also use them for more. They use them in pulley systems, hook them in combination to move heavy parts across long distances, set underground piping, and for many other tasks on the job.

Lug-All winch hoists are also more versatile than other tools in how they can be used. Unlike chain pulls and hydraulic jacks, Lug-All hoists can be used in virtually any orientation as long as there is tension on the line. They can be used to pull objects horizontally, and in places where ceiling structures cannot support heavy loads, workers can use scaffolding to support the load and secure the hoist to a floor anchor. These applications are impossible with chain pull hoists.


Lug-All winch hoists are lightweight and compact, which makes them ideal for Fire Defense Systems technicians. Most of their work is done with service vans or pickup trucks, and they carry all their tools and equipment with them in their vehicles when traveling between jobs. Lug-All hoists are small enough to be stored in a service van or toolbox easily, making them more convenient for transportation than similar chain pull hoists or hydraulic jacks.

Despite their size, Lug-All hoists are strong enough to handle any job the technicians face. Joe DeRose, owner of Fire Defense Systems, says the easy-to-use design and high-quality construction make them the best option for their needs. Lug-All hoists provided greater versatility in their application, and they’re strong enough to meet the workers’ demands for lifting and pulling. This versatility led workers to continue to find new uses for their hoists. Cheaper hoists couldn’t meet the demands of the job, but Lug-All hoists are durable and long-lasting, and the workers depend on them for every kind of job in the field. “Once you use a Lug-All, you’ll never want anything else,” he says. “It’s a tool that sells itself.”