Lug-All Marine Grade Come Along Ratchet Winch Hoists Help Towboat and Salvage Company


Shamrock Marine Towing & Salvage is a Towboat US® franchise that specializes in rescuing commercial fishing and privately-owned boats in the Ocean City, New Jersey, region. They provide many emergency services, which include pulling swamped or sunken boats, towing empty barges, and delivering gasoline and batteries to broken down boats.

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Marine Uses

When called out on a job, workers are faced with the challenge of leveling the boat above the surface so that the water can be pumped out. There are limited options for raising a boat out of the water. While underwater air lift bags can be used, the preferred method is a winch hoist. Workers use multiple hoists to raise a sunken boat up to the surface of the water. After the boat is raised high enough, workers then begin pumping the water out until it is buoyant enough to begin floating.

A local Lug-All distributor recommended that they purchase a more reliable hoist than typical hardware store hoists, such as the Lug-All Marine Grade Come Along Ratchet Winch Hoist. Because Lug-All winch hoists have anodized aluminum frames and incorporate a stainless steel cable on the drum, they are able to withstand the corrosive salt water conditions of the ocean.


Lug-All winch hoists are known for their high-quality construction and reliable performance even under the toughest working conditions. In the past, Shamrock has used low-quality hoists because of their inexpensive price. The problem is that these hoists could not endure the harsh working conditions, and replacing them often was necessary. After seeing firsthand the dependability of the Lug-All Marine Grade Come Along Ratchet Winch Hoist, the owners of Shamrock Marine made the decision to purchase them in place of the old hoists.

Now when the workers of Shamrock Marine Towing & Salvage are called out to tow a swamped boat, the first tools they reach for is are their Lug-All winch hoists. Because now they don’t have to worry about the quality and longevity of their hoists like they did before, their job is done safer and more efficiently. Shamrock Marine now relies on the strength of a Lug-All winch hoist to get the job done.