Lug-All Spotlight - Darren, Auto Mechanic and Outdoor Enthusiast


We’ve recently had the opportunity to talk to Darren F., an auto mechanic and outdoor enthusiast from Ontario. Darren primarily uses his Lug-All Come Along Ratchet Winch Hoists in three ways: getting vehicles unstuck, moving trees and boulders on his property, and in his garage. He said, “I’ve owned a Lug-All come along pretty much my entire life. My grandfather gave me one as a boy, and I’ve been using it ever since. I currently have two half-ton capacity cable hoists and a 750-pound capacity web strap hoist that I use regularly.”

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Automotive Uses

As an automotive mechanic, Darren constantly moves heavy materials and components. This process can be both physically exhausting and dangerous without the right equipment. He said, “I’m an automotive mechanic, so I’m constantly using a manual hoist. I use it for lifting engines and machinery, welding and fabricating, and moving anything that’s too heavy to lift by hand.”

Landscaping and Property Maintenance Uses

Darren also uses his Lug-All winch hoist around his property. Lug-All come alongs can be used to straighten trees, remove bushes, and load and unload broken farm and landscaping equipment. He said, “I also have a 40-acre property that I maintain, and my come alongs help me clear trees, move boulders, and get my plow truck unstuck when I have to.”

Snowmobile and Off-Road Recreational Vehicle Uses

One of Darren’s primary uses of his Lug-All come along is while enjoying his outdoor equipment, especially his snowmobile. He said, “I use it for getting my snowmobile, quad, and side-by-side unstuck too. I’ve even used it to flip the side-by-side over when it rolled on its side. I’ve also used my Lug-All come along to pull my snowmobile out many times. Using a tree, you’ll always be able to get out no matter what. When you’re riding in the woods, if you have to stop for any reason, the sled will sink because the snow is about chest-level deep. If you’re alone and without proper tools, you’re stuck, and you’ll have to walk 30-40 miles back. It gets extremely cold at night, so a Lug-All come along could save your life in that situation. You need a come along with you every time you ride.”

Darren even said that he has tried other methods of getting his snowmobile unstuck, but again he prefers using his Lug-All hoist. He said, “For the snowmobile, I could use an electric winch mounted on the sled, but those are heavy and inconvenient, because you can only pull it forward or backward. Weight is important, so because my Lug-All only weighs eight pounds, it works really well.”


Darren has used other ratchet winch hoists, but he prefers using his Lug-All come along. He said, “I use Lug-All come alongs for the weight and dependability. I have used chain hoists and other lever come alongs, but they’re heavy, inconvenient, and awkward compared to Lug-All. I could also use a pulley setup, but there’s no comparison to the pulling power of a Lug-All.”

Darren chooses Lug-All Come Along Ratchet Winch Hoists because of their apparent quality. He said, “I use Lug-All come alongs because they’re obviously high-quality products. The ones from the hardware store don’t even come close. When you’re out exploring on the snowmobile, you need the proper gear, and the reliability of a Lug-All come along provides peace of mind that you won’t get stranded without help. Everything about Lug-All screams quality, especially the lightweight aluminum casting that won’t rust. It’s amazing that something so light can accomplish so much. It’s just a fantastic piece of equipment.”