Structure Framing and Equipment Maintenance


We recently had the privilege of talking to Sean H. at Hyland Timber Framing in New York. Hyland Timber Framing fabricates and constructs custom timber framed structures, such as garages, houses, churches, and barns. They use their Lug-All Come Along Ratchet Winch Hoists in two main ways: framing and equipment maintenance. Sean said, “Every time I bring them out, I have always felt that Lug-All is the ultimate come along. They’re easy to use and durable, so I can pull things together quickly, easily, and safely.”

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Framing Uses

Hyland Timber Framing is constantly fabricating and constructing timber framed structures. Although this process can be dangerous, Sean and Hyland Timber Framing trust Lug-All. “We use Lug-Alls to assemble components on the floor deck as well as during the final raising of the structure,” said Sean. Using Lug-All come alongs make the job of assembling timber components easy and safe. When the crane is onsite and timbers are flying through the air, the last thing I want to worry about is whether or not my come along is going to work.”

Equipment Maintenance and Shop Uses

Hyland Timber Framing also use their Lug-All come alongs around their shop. Lug-All hoists can be used to move heavy machinery components and broken equipment. Sean said, “We also find various uses for our Lug-Alls around the shop in terms of equipment maintenance and loading and unloading structures, to name a few.”


Sean has used other come alongs, but he chooses Lug-All ratchet winch hoists. According to Sean, “I have used other brands of come alongs, but their only advantage is a lower price. They are clearly harder to use, and they just don’t last nearly as long.”

Sean also appreciates that with Lug-All, you can purchase replacement parts instead of an entire new hoist. He said, “I have appreciated that Lug-All parts are consistently available. I enjoy to fix things rather than throw them out, and there is nothing that I hate more than a company telling me that replacement parts are not available. I have never had that issue with Lug-All.”