Fire Department Workers Use Lug-All Winch Hoists For Emergency Rescue


Lug-All come along ratchet winch hoists can be used for many different applications. Some fire departments and emergency services use come alongs for various rescue applications. One Florida fire department told us about how they use Lug-All hoists when rescuing people from building collapse and vehicle accident situations. These rescues often require workers to move or lift heavy objects, including structural debris, large obstacles, and vehicle parts.

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Structural Collapse

When buildings are damaged structurally during fires or other emergencies, walls and ceilings can collapse and trap building occupants. In these situations, fire rescue workers need the ability to lift and move heavy objects quickly, carefully, and with limited room to work.

Firefighters use their Lug-All hoists to lift heavy materials, such as reinforced concrete sections, that have collapsed and are obstructing access for rescue operations. The rescuers will use the hoists to secure damaged structural members, such as wall sections that are not level, to prevent secondary collapse. After they secure the damaged structural components, workers can then proceed with rescue operations safely.

Vehicle Extrication

Firefighters also respond to vehicle accidents, where they might have to rescue individuals trapped inside vehicles. The firefighters often use Lug-All hoists to stabilize a vehicle by securing it to a stationary anchor before proceeding with a rescue. They also use Lug-All hoists to move vehicles that are entangled around an object or in a hazardous work environment, such as a vehicle trapped under a semi-trailer.

Vehicle accidents can trap occupants when vehicle components deform from an impact. In these situations, rescue workers have to pry away parts of a vehicle to free anyone trapped inside. During an extrication, they might use their Lug-All hoists to lift a steering column or various pedals out of a vehicle or to secure doors or trunks that need to be held open so that they can extract any person trapped inside.


When rescue personnel respond to emergencies, they need to know that they can perform rescue operations safely and efficiently. The precise movement of Lug-All winch hoists allows rescuers to work without risking additional damage. This precision makes Lug-All hoists a great tool for situations where workers need to have a high degree of control.

Rescuers also need to know that their equipment is going to be ready and capable when they respond to an emergency. The reliable function and ease-of-use of Lug-All hoists make them an ideal tool for many fire rescue departments’ needs. Lug-All hoists help rescuers work quickly and safely whenever and wherever they are needed.