Cable Hoists

Why Lug-All Cable Come Along Hoists?

  • Positive load holding — one of two pawls is always engaged
  • Lifting is always a downward pull
  • Another exclusive: full use of cable length
  • Easy-to-manage, flexible 7x19 aircraft cable
  • The cable is stored neatly on the drum

Come Along Hoists for Industrial Use:

The preferred come along ratchet winch hoist for construction sites, industrial MRO, motor and pump repair, structural steel placement, welding alignment, road and bridge construction, steamfitters, industrial rigging, fence installation, farm repair, conveyor maintenance, landscaping, and tree services.

  • There are literally thousands of fully operational Lug-All Hoists in the field today that were sold in the 1960’s, 70’s, and 80’s. There are even Lug-All hoists in service made during the 1950’s!
  • Replace just the handle, not the hoist! Our reversible handle is engineered to bend on severe overloads to alert you to stop immediately.
  • Much lighter and easier-to-use than chain hoists! Lug-All wire rope hoists start at just seven pounds (3.2 kg). The hoist’s drum self-stores the aircraft cable, which means no more chains in the way or dragging on the ground.
  • Unmatched smooth winch operation and precise load adjustment: the product of precision machining to 0.001” (0.025mm) tolerances and ISO 9001-2008 Certified quality procedures.
  • Prevent tampering with winch or load by simply removing the hoist’s handle.
  • Use the entire cable length! The exclusive Lug-All swaged, ball-shank anchor locks the cable’s end into the drum. (Other brands use set screws and two to three wraps of cable to hold the wire rope to the drum.)
  • Handle switches positions in seconds, so lifting is always a downward pull, whether the hoist’s pulley block is on the bottom or the top.
  • Finest quality, long-lasting, light-weight cast aluminum alloy frame is made in USA to our exacting specifications. Rugged durability, but with smooth surfaces that are gentle on hands and rubber gloves.
  • Hate loose ends? So do we. That’s why every cable end is crimped using zinc coated, malleable copper sleeves which engage the wire rope better than aluminum clamps.

Lug-All Cable Come Along Hoist Advantages

  • USA made, proprietary trademarked cast aluminum frames for superior durability
  • Safety load-holding: one of two interlocking pawls is always positively engaged
  • Handle bends when overloaded, alerting you and protecting your hoist
  • Lifting is always a downward pull
  • Continuous visual inspection of cable via open construction design
  • Compact, light, and rugged, with ultra-flexible, easy-to-manage, 7x19 aircraft cable
  • Drop forged, 360-degree swiveling hooks with safety latches and three different hook choices: Clevis (“C”), Gate (“U”), and Clevis Jaws (“PS”)
  • Lower the load 4x faster with the Rapid Lowering Option “R”’