Benefits of the New U-Frame Design


Since 1949, Lug-All has been making superior manual come along ratchet winch hoists. Our focus has always been on providing our customers with high-quality, long-lasting hoists that can handle the toughest jobs. Because we strive to provide the best possible products, we are always looking for ways to improve.

One recent improvement we’ve made to our hoists is with a new U-Frame redesign. This new  design has simplified the construction of the complete U-Frame assembly and improved the reliability of the hoist overall.


This change to our winch hoist U-Frame assembly was intended to improve the connection of the U-Frame components. Previously, the U-Frame components were secured to the U-Frame using a metal C-clip. However, under extreme impact conditions, the force of the impact could cause the C-clip to become dislodged and disable the functionality of the U-Frame.

To address this concern, the U-Frame components are now secured to the shaft with a roll pin. The shear strength of the roll pin is significantly greater than the strength of the C-clip, making it able to endure higher impact stress. While these U-Frame components are not intended to be impacted, this new design is intended to protect the user and the hoist in case of an accidental impact.


There are several benefits of this redesign that make our come along ratchet winch hoists more reliable than ever before. One of the benefits is that the entire U-Frame assembly uses fewer parts. Instead of the washer and C-clip that were used on the old design, the new design uses only the roll pin. The process of repairing any part of the U-Frame is made simpler because there are fewer parts to disassemble and reassemble. If a part does need to be replaced, the roll pin can be removed and reinstalled more easily than the C-clip, which can be awkward or difficult to handle.

Another benefit is that the connection between the U-Frame components is more rigid and more secure, which is the main intention of the redesign. The more secure connection now prevents the U-Frame components from coming loose and protects the user and the hoist in case of extreme accidental impacting.

These two benefits contribute to what might be the most important benefit of the redesign. With fewer parts to wear out, and a stronger connection, the new U-Frame design has a longer overall life cycle. The new hardware has greater strength and reliability, so your hoist can stay in service longer without needing repairs. If the hoist does require repairs, the simplified design takes less time to repair, reducing down time.

Lug-All Commitment

We take pride in the high-quality construction and long-lasting ruggedness of our come along ratchet winch hoists. To ensure that we’re always producing the best hoists we can, we are constantly looking for ways to improve.

With the new update to the U-Frame design, we are continuing our commitment to quality products. Fewer parts, more rugged construction, and improved life cycle allow you to continue to use your Lug-All hoists to their greatest potential.