Cable Guide Replacement


Durability and reliability are at the core of Lug-All and our designs. We know that sometimes parts can get damaged upon consistent heavy use or accidental improper use. This article will help you in the event of a bent or damaged Cable Guide. Lug-All has a one-year warranty on its products, but sometimes, through many years of heavy use, your Lug-All may eventually need some repairs. Many of these repair options are cheap and easy to take care of yourself, but if there is extensive damage you are always welcome to send it to us for our professional repair service. You can always find and order replacement parts by entering your Lug-All model into our website search bar. 

The Cable Guide is an important piece of your Lug-All, as it is what holds your cable in alignment and the hoist in the correct direction. Significant pressure on the cable guide can happen when loads are not being lifted or pulled in a straight line. This can cause the Cable Guard to bend out of shape or even break entirely.

If the guide is bent, it can be fixed by bending it back into its original position in a vise. Simply clamp the end of the guide in the vise and use the hoist body as a lever, then rotate the hoist until the guide bends back to its original orientation. 

If the cable guide is too damaged to bend back, the method to replace the cable guide varies between small frame models and medium/large frame models.

Small Frame

If the cable guide is intact, you’ll need a hammer, a notched chisel, and a vise.

Step 1:
Clamp the main frame securely in the vise. Make sure you orient the Cable Guide facing the floor. If the cable guide is bent, you might have to straighten it before removing it.

Step 2:
Place the chisel point down on the Cable Guide. Hammer the back side of the chisel to knock the Cable Guide out of the frame.

If the cable guide is broken, you’ll need a drill, a 3/16-inch drill bit, and a 1/8 or 3/16-inch punch, depending on the size of the guide.

Step 1:
Using the drill with a 3/16-bit, drill into the side of the main frame opposite the cable guide where you estimate the guide holes are located. Drill through the aluminum frame until you reach the steel guide. With both holes drilled, use the hammer and punch to remove the guide legs.

Step 2:
With the damaged cable guide removed, insert the legs of the new cable guide into the existing guide holes in the main frame. Hammer the new guide until it is completely installed in the main frame.

Medium/Large Frame

You need an angle grinder with a cut-off wheel, a hammer, and a 1/8-inch punch. If your hoist uses the new style cable guide, you can skip step 1.

Step 1:
Use the angle grinder to cut off the existing guide as close to the main frame as possible.

Step 2:
Use the hammer and 1/8-inch punch to remove the roll pin from the eye bolt assembly, and discard.

Step 3:
Remove the eye bolt, hex nut, and flat washer or damaged cable guide from the main frame. Discard the flat washer or damaged cable guide.

Step 4:
Install the eye bolt, hex nut, and the new cable guide onto the main frame.

Step 5:
Insert a new roll pin into the eye bolt assembly, ensuring that the pin is flush with the surface of the nut.

Step 6:
To insert the wire rope into the new guide, the hook must be removed from the wire rope assembly. For a complete tutorial on this process, see our “Wire Rope Replacement” video.

With the repaired finished or replacement Cable Guide installed, your Lug-All is now ready to use.