Caring for Your Web Strap Hoist


Lug-All Come Along Ratchet Winch Hoists are designed with an open construction, making it easy to clean after every use. Inspecting the hoist daily is quite simple and only takes seconds to complete. You can add years to the life of your hoist, and ensure the safety of your workers, by following these simple recommendations:


  • Do not snag or pull the strap over a sharp edge
  • Do not use an unsteady or curved pull to operate the Lug-All
  • Do not allow the handle to “let go” when operating the Lug-All under load, as this can damage the U-frame.

Web strap is made of synthetic fibers, which are subject to deterioration from various causes, including chemical elements, weather, dirt, grease, and exposure to sunlight. Conducting a daily inspection and cleaning can keep your web strap performing optimally for a long time, and will help to keep your workers safe from harm.

What to Look for During Your Daily Web Strap Inspection:

  • Signs of melting, charring, or chemical damage
  • Cuts, holes, or tears on the face or edge of webbing
  • Signs of excessive abrasive wear
  • Broken or worn threads in the stitch pattern
  • Knots in the straps

Most of the damage described above can cause catastrophic failure of the web strap. Although not all the damage incurred will be obvious or extreme, it’s still important to remove the hoist from use. Additionally, the web strap should be tested periodically and replaced when the safety factor for its maximum possible load is considered insufficient.