Lug-All Rapid Lowering


Lug-All’s rapid lowering function is an optional addition to Lug-All cable ratchet winch hoists. Standard Lug-All winch hoists lower a load using the U-frame pawl, which unspools the wire rope by one ratchet tooth at a time. This design is great for precision operation where it is important to lower a load slowly and carefully.

Rapid lowering capability is available on hoists such as the 330-R for jobs when lowering a load quickly might be more desirable than slow, precise operation. The rapid lowering function is achieved through the use of a specialized rapid lowering mechanism and a cam attached to the drum. Rapid lowering allows you to lower a load by four ratchet teeth at a time by applying at least 15 pounds of force in the single-line configuration or 30 pounds in the double-line configuration.

To operate the rapid lowering function, first rotate the reverse lever away from the drum as if you are backing off the load normally and move the U-frame pawl away from the ratchet teeth. Flip the rapid lowering switch into the “on” position. With the rapid lowering switch on, move the handle until the U-frame pawl engages the main frame pawl spring. Apply additional pressure to release the main frame pawl.

Rapid lowering mode requires the handle to travel the full length of the arc. With the rapid lowering switch engaged, the initial operation will lower the load by one to four ratchet teeth, depending on the cam position. After the initial operation, each additional use of the rapid lowering function will lower the load by four ratchet teeth.

After the load has been lowered, flip the rapid lowering switch back to the “off” position. Do not operate the ratchet winch hoist in lifting or tensioning mode with the rapid lowering switch in the “on” position.