Lug-All Web Strap Replacement


Many electrical linemen rely on Lug-All web strap come along ratchet winch hoists when working on power lines. The straps on Lug-All web strap hoists are made of woven polyester, which has dielectric properties that make them extremely poor conductors. While these straps are not true insulators, they can be safer for linemen to use around live electricity than wire rope hoists, which are highly conductive.

Like many tools, web strap hoists can wear out over time. The dielectric properties of the strap can also fade over time due to moisture, dirt, changes in temperature, and other factors. When the strap wears out, you could replace the hoist entirely, but you can save time and money by replacing the web strap itself instead. With a Lug-All web strap hoist, that’s easy to do by following these steps.


Step 1:

Pull the full length of the web strap off the drum to expose the drum locking pin.

Step 2:

Use a 1/8-inch punch and hammer to remove the roll pins from the wind-up wheel and the drum, then discard the roll pins.

Step 3:

Remove the drum shaft, then remove the U-frame assembly and drum from the hoist main frame.

Step 4:

Remove the drum anchor screw from the drum. Depending on the hoist model, this step will require a 3/16-inch hex wrench, a 5/32-inch hex wrench, or a Philips head screwdriver.

Step 5:

Remove the web strap from the drum and the main frame.

Step 6:

Use a 1/8-inch punch to remove the roll pin from the web end assembly and remove the web end assembly shaft.

Step 7:

Position the hoist main frame on a flat surface so that the web guide is facing up. Insert the tag-free end of the new web strap through the web guide with the Lug-All lettering facing up, then turn the main frame over so that the guide is facing down.

Step 8:

Position the drum on a flat surface so that the teeth are facing down. Align the drum anchor hole with the web strap loop. Make sure that the fold-back side of the web strap stitching faces the hub of the drum with the Lug-All lettering facing outward.

Step 9:

Insert the drum anchor screw through the anchor hole in the drum and the loop in the strap. Tighten with the appropriate hex wrench or screwdriver until the screw is snug, then turn it an additional quarter-turn.

Step 10:

Return the drum and the U-frame assembly into the main frame. Insert the drum shaft through the main frame, U-frame assembly, and drum. Insert a new roll pin through the drum and the drum shaft. The pin should be equally recessed on both sides of the drum.

Step 11:

Partially insert a new roll pin into the wind-up wheel, then place it on the drum shaft. Lock the wind-up wheel in place by driving the roll pin through the drum shaft. The pin should be flush with the surface of the wind-up wheel.

Step 12:

Keep tension on the new web strap and wind most of it onto the drum shaft. Then slide the pulley block onto the free end of the web strap.

Step 13:

Place the end of the web strap into the web-end assembly and insert the web-end assembly shaft through the web strap loop.

Step 14:

Lock the web-end assembly shaft in place with a new roll pin. The pin should be flush with the surface of the web-end assembly.