The Lug-All Lightweight Hoists


We like to say that Lug-All Come Along Ratchet Winch Hoists have 1001 uses. Often, Lug-All users will find creative ways to use their hoists that we might not have thought of. We are always excited to learn of different ways our hoists are being used, and sometimes those uses lead us to develop products targeted at additional applications.

When several Lug-All users explained how they use Lug-All hoists for off-roading applications, we developed a line of lightweight hoists designed for that purpose. The Lug-All 500-A, 500-i, and 1000-25 were designed specifically with off-road use in mind, and they have several features that make them well-suited for use in recreational applications, such as driving snowmobiles, ATVs, Jeeps, and other off-road vehicles.

Self-Rescue Capability

One of the design targets for this lightweight line of hoists was that they could be used by one person for potential self-rescue situations. That’s one reason that these hoists have been made small enough to fit in a seat storage compartment on a snowmobile or ATV, so they can easily be taken along on any solo off-road trips. This portability makes the lightweight hoists great for solo trips because they can be used to rescue stuck vehicles without a second vehicle with a tow cable.

The ability to operate a Lug-All come along with just one person is also an advantage they have over a mounted winch, a popular alternative to a come along. Because a mounted winch is typically operated from inside the vehicle, it often requires two people to use safely. While one person operates the winch, a spotter will usually help the operator to know where to turn, how fast to retract the winch, and how to avoid obstacles. However, Lug-All lightweight line hoists require just one person to operate, meaning that a vehicle stuck in mud or snow can be freed without the need for a spotter.

These hoists are also easy to carry and work with because, as the name suggests, they are very light. The 1000-25 cable model weighs about 7.3 pounds, and the 500-A and 500-i web strap models both weigh just over 6.5 pounds. Even though these hoists all weigh less than eight pounds, they’re still strong enough to move heavy loads with ease.

The 1000-25 model has 25 feet of single-line cable that can be used to lift 1,000 pounds vertically. The 500-A and 500-i models have 16 feet of polyester web strap with a single-line only capacity of 500 pounds for vertical lifting. All three models can function as both a winch and a hoist, and they can pull objects with more weight when used winching. Depending on the incline and other factors, these Lug-All lightweight hoists can pull as much as four times the rated lifting capacity. With a secure anchor, these hoists have the capacity to rescue vehicles stuck in mud or snow in many situations.

Versatile Operation

Like all Lug-All hoists, these lightweight hoists are operated manually, which makes them great for trail use. Unlike an electric winch that is mounted on a vehicle, these Lug-All come alongs don’t need a power source to operate. They can rescue a stuck vehicle without draining the battery or leaving the motor running.

Getting off-road vehicles unstuck isn’t the only thing Lug-All’s lightweight line is good for; they can also be used for worse situations. One example is vehicle rollover. A mounted electric winch can only pull forward or backward, depending on where it is mounted. Lug-All come alongs aren’t attached to the vehicle, so they don’t have the same limitation. A Lug-All come along can be connected to a sufficient anchor point and used to set a vehicle upright and put it back on the trail. In addition to rescuing vehicles, they can be used for clearing obstacles from a trail while off-roading, and they can also be used for property maintenance, shop use, and more.

From the garage to the trails, Lug-All lightweight winch hoists are great tools for any off-road enthusiast.