Why the Lug-All Marine Grade Hoist Will Benefit You


Lifting heavy objects, for example construction materials, can become strenuous. Utilizing a hoist for the jobs that require lifting and lowering loads gives the power of 10 workers to just one. Whether it’s operated manually or through a motor, it can be expected that a hoist is one of the best options to get the job done.

There are numerous types of hoists available for many types of work situations. However, only one cable hoist is designed specifically to elude corrosion. Lug-All Marine Grade Ratchet Winch Hoists are perfect for deterring the wear that occurs while working on offshore rigs or other construction sites that are known for their damaging elements. When purchasing workplace tools, it’s important to invest in a product that is not just safer for workers, but will also last. Thanks to the anodized aluminum alloy frames on the marine grade models, rust is no longer an issue.

Avoid Workplace Hazards

Often times, a small amount of rust may not seem like a huge problem. In the beginning, it is easy to ignore as it may not impede the performance of the equipment. However, corrosion is a nuisance that will continue to develop and ultimately compromise the safety of your ratchet winch hoist.

Rust tends to affect the range of motion of an object. Have you ever tried to ride a bike that was left out in the rain for an extended period of time? Odds are that the chain started to rust over, and no matter how hard you tried to petal, you were in a constant struggle for movement. Now apply that logic to a hoist. Whatever heavy materials need to be loaded and lifted are probably not going very far if the chain or cable is corroded.

Additionally, corrosion isn’t always visible to the naked eye. In certain work regions, like near the ocean, hoists can rust internally because of the salt water. While the outside of your hoist may seem normal, if corrosion develops inside, the functionality will be corrupted. The strength of a hoist can also deteriorate because rust is known to eat through metal, which causes holes. See any old and improperly maintained car muffler for example. Ultimately, this corrosion can lead to cost for repairs or a replacement.

Deteriorated structural integrity of a hoist will cause possible danger from dropping loads. Utilizing the proper hoist in corrosive environments isn’t just worthwhile fiscally, but for safety purposes. Don’t ignore the signs of environmental wear. Treat rust as an indication that your equipment may need to be replaced. Choose an investment that will pay for itself in longevity and quality.

Benefits of Choosing a Lug-All Marine Grade Hoist:

  1. Protection from sea water and chemicals mean longer usability
  2. Stainless steel cables for maximum strength
  3. Rust resistant frame and cables
  4. Easily accessible parts for cleaning
  5. Safety from accidents caused by corrosion

When you choose a Lug-All Marine Grade Hoist, you’re not only choosing a high-quality tool that is built to last, but a hoist that is safer. For more information or to order, you can visit the Contact Us section of our website, call us at 877-658-4255, or email us at info@lug-all.com.