Lug-All Model 4000-40


The Lug-All model 4000-40 uses our large frame design to improve the functionality of our model 4000-20. The large frame allows the 4000-40 to keep the same 4,000 pound maximum capacity as the 4000-20, while also allowing it to use a longer cable to achieve a greater maximum pulling or lifting distance at 40 feet compared to 20 feet with the 4000-20.

Like other Lug-All cable come along ratchet winch hoists, the 4000-40 is designed to be used either as a single line or a double line. It’s full maximum length of 40 feet can be used in the single line arrangement, which gives it a capacity of 2,000 pounds. The double line arrangement can be used to achieve the maximum lifting capacity of 4,000 pounds with a 20-foot distance.

This design also provides all of the benefits of the rest of our cable hoists. Like all of our cable hoists, the line is attached to the drum using a ball-shank end, so the line can extend fully without leaving any length of cable still wrapped around the drum. This design allows you to use the entire 40-foot length of the cable.

Because it uses the large frame design, the 4000-40 also incorporates a different form of overload protection than other cable hoists. Unlike the rest of our line of cable hoists, the 4000-40 does not use a handle that bends under overload conditions. Instead, the 4000-40 uses a specially designed handle attachment assembly that includes a shear pin, which is unique to the large frame. The shear pin, which is built into the handle assembly, is designed to break audibly over 125 percent of the hoist’s maximum rated capacity. Just like the other forms of overload protection on Lug-All winch hoists, the shear pin will alert you to overload conditions while leaving the hoist fully functional, so you can back the load off safely.

With the maximum cable length of 40 feet, the Lug-All model 4000-40 provides the longest cable length of all Lug-All models. Like all Lug-All hoists, it is backed up by our commitment to designing and producing the most dependable and longest-lasting hoists on the market. From our thorough, rigorous testing to our precision manufacturing and comprehensive inspecting, we ensure our hoists are manufactured to the highest quality. Our commitment to quality, combined with the fact that every part of our hoists can be repaired, means that the 4000-40, like all of our hoists, can last a lifetime.