Lug-All Pawl Stop Replacement


The Main Frame Pawl stop is a small but crucial part of every Lug-All come along ratchet winch hoist. The pawl stop anchors the main frame spring, which causes the pawl to engage the drum, allowing the hoist to function. However, the pawl stop can become damaged from impact or other unintended situations. If the pawl stop becomes damaged, it can be replaced to return the hoist to proper function.

To replace the pawl stop, you first need to remove the main frame pawl, pawl shaft, and spring from the hoist. For instructions on how to remove these parts, see our Main Frame Pawl and Spring Replacement how-to. You’ll also need to remove the drum, drum shaft, and u-frame assembly. For this process, see our Web Strap Replacement how-to. With these parts removed, you can begin replacing the pawl stop.

Step 1: Secure the main frame of the hoist in a vise and cut off the pawl stop with an angle grinder. Be careful not to make any deep gouges in the frame.

Step 2: Use a hammer and punch to remove the remaining material from the inside out.

Step 3: Insert the new pawl stop into the through hole from the inside of the main frame.

Step 4: Remove the main frame from the vise and brace it against the jaw or anvil of the vise. Hammer the outside surface of the pawl stop to cause mushrooming. Check the pawl stop to ensure it doesn’t rotate. If it moves, continue hammering until it is secure.

Step 5: Reinstall the main frame pawl, pawl shaft, and spring and the drum, drum shaft, and u-frame assembly that were removed in the beginning.