Safety 101: The Dielectric Properties of Web Strap Hoists

 Lug-All Web Strap Come Along Ratchet Winch Hoists are designed for overhead maintenance and construction of energized power lines. The web strap is not an insulating live-line tool, which means if it becomes wet or dirty, the strap loses some of its dielectric properties. But, when it’s clean and...

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The Differences Between a Cable Winch Hoist and a Web Strap Hoist

Hoists can serve a variety of purposes, or as we like to say, “There are a 1001 Uses for A Lug-All.” But, there are many things that differentiate one hoist from another—aside from manufacturing and branding. Let’s start with the most obvious: Cable Hoist Vs. Web Strap Hoist. Here’s everything...

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The Lug-All Tradition

Our number one priority is to provide superior and reliable hoists, with quality services that you can depend on. At Lug-All, we believe in durability and longevity, manufacturing long-lasting, state-of-the-art hoists that last for decades. We reject the notion of planned obsolescence in industrial design—or, manufacturing products with consumable components...

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