Hurricane Clean-up and Recovery with A Cable Winch Hoist

Hurricane Matthew left a wake of destruction in its path after tearing through many parts of the United States and surrounding countries. Hurricanes and storms of this magnitude often result in widespread flooding and property/infrastructure damage. The damage incurred to entire towns and cities requires a lot of cleanup and...

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Web Strap Winch Hoist: Operating and Rigging

Before using your hoist, it’s always important to read and follow your manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure worker safety and hoist longevity. With that being said, we have included some tips (below) about proper winch hoist operation, load handling, and rigging when using a web strap winch hoist. Operating Your Hoist:...

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Safety 101: The Dielectric Properties of Web Strap Hoists

 Lug-All Web Strap Come Along Ratchet Winch Hoists are designed for overhead maintenance and construction of energized power lines. The web strap is not an insulating live-line tool, which means if it becomes wet or dirty, the strap loses some of its dielectric properties. But, when it’s clean and...

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The Differences Between a Cable Winch Hoist and a Web Strap Hoist

Hoists can serve a variety of purposes, or as we like to say, “There are a 1001 Uses for A Lug-All.” But, there are many things that differentiate one hoist from another—aside from manufacturing and branding. Let’s start with the most obvious: Cable Hoist Vs. Web Strap Hoist. Here’s everything...

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The Lug-All Tradition

Our number one priority is to provide superior and reliable hoists, with quality services that you can depend on. At Lug-All, we believe in durability and longevity, manufacturing long-lasting, state-of-the-art hoists that last for decades. We reject the notion of planned obsolescence in industrial design—or, manufacturing products with consumable components...

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