Benefits of Customizing Lug-All Hoists for Utility Applications

Linemen and utility workers make up a large portion of Lug-All users. Many electrical utility applications require equipment with similar features and capabilities, but no two applications are identical. To make Lug-All come along ratchet winch hoists as useful and effective as possible, we offer a large selection of customizable...

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Electrical Linemen Emergency Response Training

Electrical line workers are required by OSHA to receive certain types of safety training. There is a good reason for that requirement, since electrical line work can be among the most dangerous professions. Heights, heavy equipment, and electricity all pose potential risks to workers who build and maintain electrical power...

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Wire Rope Replacement: Crimping Equipment

Lug-All Come Along Ratchet Winch Hoists are designed to last a lifetime. When a part or component wears out, you can replace the part to fix your Lug-All instead of replacing the winch hoist completely. One component that you might have to replace over the life of you Lug-All is...

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Lug-All: The Evolving Nature of Safety

Everyone knows that working on electrical power lines can be a dangerous task. For workers who build and maintain the national power grid, the dangers of high voltage, heights, toxic chemicals, fire hazards, and extreme temperatures are a common part of the job. Since the first electric utility service was...

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Benefits of the Welded Hook Design

At Lug-All, we strive to provide the hardest working and most reliable manual winch-hoists on the market. Our commitment to quality and durability means we are always searching for ways to improve our winch hoists. Our new welded hook design is a part of that ongoing commitment. All Lug-All Wire...

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Improving Safety for Tree Service Workers

Elevated tree service work can be dangerous. The right equipment and safe work practices can reduce the risks associated with working at height. Read More

Lug-All Rapid Lowering

Lug-All’s rapid lowering function is an optional addition to Lug-All cable ratchet winch hoists. Rapid lowering allows you to lower a load of at least 15 pounds by four ratchet teeth at a time. Read More

What and How to Pack for a Long Trip on a Snowmobile

Going on a long snowmobiling trip? Make sure to pack a variety of gear to ensure you are prepared for the changing conditions or unanticipated challenges you may encounter. Personal Items When traveling on a snowmobile, you should pack the necessary equipment and tools. Expect the unexpected! When packing personal...

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How To Find Your Lug-All Model Number

If you ever need to order replacement parts for you Lug-All Come Along Ratchet Winch Hoist, you will need to know your model number. If you don’t know your model number, you can find it in one of two locations on your Lug-All winch hoist. The location of the model...

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Off-Road Equipment: Mounted Electric Winch vs Lug-All Winch Hoist

Off-roading is a popular hobby in many parts of the United States and around the world. One tool many off-road vehicles have equipped, and off-road enthusiasts know they need, is a winch. Read More

Lug-All Model 4000-40

The Lug-All model 4000-40 uses our large frame design to improve the functionality of our model 4000-20. The large frame allows the 4000-40 to keep the same 4,000 pound maximum capacity as the 4000-20, while also allowing it to use a longer cable to achieve a greater maximum pulling or lifting distance at 40 feet compared to 20 feet with the 4000-20. Read More

Lug-All Repair Services

If you are familiar with Lug-All Come Along Ratchet Winch Hoists, you may know that many of the parts are replaceable. Replaceable parts include overload protection systems, such as the stress links on our web strap hoists and the handles on our cable hoists. Other replaceable parts include components that...

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