How to Choose a Lug-All Winch Hoist


Lug-All offers a wide range of come along ratchet winch hoist models. Different models are designed for different purposes; some are better suited for commercial uses, while others are designed for consumer applications. How do you decide which model or which features you need?

Type of Hoist

One of the first things to consider is whether you need a wire rope or web strap model. The line on Lug-All web strap models is made from polyester webbing, which gives it dielectric properties. These properties make web strap hoists ideal for linemen who work with live power lines, as they help reduce electrical hazards.

Lug-All wire rope hoists use 7x19 aircraft cable. Wire rope hoists typically cost less than web strap hoists with similar capacities and features, which can make them more practical for consumer needs. If rust is a serious concern, a web strap hoist can avoid the risk of corrosion on the line. However, in highly corrosive environments, such as coastal and marine applications, the Lug-All Marine Grade Ratchet Winch Hoist, which uses an anodized aluminum frame and a stainless steel cable, may be a better option than a web strap hoist.


Another factor to consider is the lifting or pulling capacity you need. Unlike many similar products, Lug-All winch hoists can function as both a winch and a hoist and can be used for pulling, lifting, or both. When purchasing a Lug-All winch hoist, it is important to understand capacity specifications.

Each Lug-All winch hoist’s rated maximum capacity reflects the maximum safe amount of weight it can lift vertically. A hoist with a 4,000-pound capacity can vertically lift an object that weighs 4,000 pounds. However, when it comes to pulling horizontally, the pulling force can be more or less than the rated lifting capacity, depending on different factors.

If you’re going to use your Lug-All come along primarily for lifting, you can simply choose a hoist with a rated capacity equal to or greater than the maximum amount of weight you need to lift. If you’re using it primarily for pulling, a capacity equal to the weight of the object you are pulling should be sufficient, but a lower capacity can often be enough. Our lightweight line includes hoists designed for lower-capacity applications and can be ideal for many consumer applications.


One final factor to consider is the range of available features. The rapid lowering feature allows you to lower a load more quickly than the standard design. A wind-up wheel can be included to quickly take up slack. Removable pulley-blocks and conversion kits are available to convert a Lug-All winch hoist to permanent single-line or double-line operation. Different hook options are available for many applications, including self-locking hooks, swivel gate hooks, and eye-bolt options.

For a complete list of all our Lug-All winch hoists and available features, visit our products page. For more information, or if you need help determining which Lug-All come along ratchet winch hoist is right for your application, submit a contact form or call the Lug-All facility at the number located at the bottom of the page.